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I hope this site will give those who are interested in my Star Trek Moments project the chance to become more involved in what is put into each edit of the episodes. And that you can tell me what you think of the project and all things Star Trek. For those who are interested in how the editing process is created, as well as have an interest in programs such as Adobe Premiere and After Effects. All comments are welcome, as long they are put in a constructive way.





Exclusive look for my blog readers of episode 85. before the final edits public upload.

Hello Inter-Web-Land

This is my first offline edit of Data's Day but it is much to long and I will have to cut it down to a more reasonable size. The Romulan storyline will just have to go I think if we are to keep all of the other good stuff. Anyway if you have the time see what you think and any constructive comments would be welcome.

Not sure if YouTube has finished processing it yet but it's up if you want to take a look.

ST Moments 85. Data's Day Offline Edit

All the Best. DarMok.





85. Data's Day

Data gets dancing lessons from Dr. Crusher in preparation of Chief O'Brien's wedding as the Enterprise brings Ambassador T'Pel ( Not to be confused with T'Pal)to the Romulans for negotiations.






84. The Loss

84. The Loss
84. The Loss

        An unknown force captures the enterprise and causes Deanna to lose her empathic powers. Not a high action episode but I will try to put the story over with a bit more pace. I have been a little distracted, for a while, trying to work out how I could upload the episode at a higher quality. And after a lot of messing about I think I have worked it out, so you can expect to see the series at a better quality. I am going to be uploading them at a re-scaled size of 1280x720, thou the picture will not be any better than DVD quality, it will be better than the 480x scale on YouTube the rest have been.

Any advice on this issue would be good, if anyone is interested or has a more advanced knowledge than myself.


Cheers DarMok.


The first in a series of YouTube video's design to show those special moments that happen in each Star Trek episode, that make the fans love the show so much.