82. Future Imperfect

82. Future Imperfect (Click to Play)
82. Future Imperfect (Click to Play)

The very latest edit of Star Trek Moments to be place on YouTube is the NextGen Fourth Season episode 82 Future Imperfect, which tells the story of Commander Rikers journey 16 years into the future after an incident with his away team. I ended up making this much longer then I had intended, I was just going to put-up the scene where Riker rebukes the bridge crew. And best of all Picard, for creating a charade which he has eventually recognized. But as always as seems to be the case with this project, I have had great diffaculty taking out scenes from the episode. This series of YouTube edits has turned into mini episodes instead of what was originally supposed to be just great moments within that episode, not the full storyline.
Please tell me, what you think.


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    stmoments (Friday, 05 April 2013 13:42)

    Just found out that this episode will have to be edited(No Sound at the End)Sorry to anyone who this stop from enjoying the upload. It will be the first one that I have to take down off the site. I should have checked the whole edit. Very Sorry.

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    stmoments (Saturday, 06 April 2013 01:39)

    It turned out to be a bad upload to YouTube, wasn't my fault after all, I have ended up correcting a few edits and replacing the bad upload. All Well, I hope.