DVD Artwork

These are just some of the differant pieces of artwork I have created for differant projects I have worked on in the last few years. Apart from Star Trek I am a big Beatles fan and have created a few fan based DVD's about them and their music and lives, including a videography of all of their music videos and films. It all depends on what I need at the time, be it to create artwork in Photoshop for video or DVD covers. Or editing in Adobe Premiere or creating visual composits in After Effect. I will have a try at whatever programs I need to use at that time and I dont consider myself to be an expert in any of them. Most of the time like meny others I will do the best I can in order to get the best result for whatever I'm working on.

Hope you like these images, as always any questions, please just ask.


Here is some of my Artwork

The Next Generation Series DVD Box Sets, which I had no covers for so created them myself.

The Beatles Hit by Hit, Year by Year. DVD's

The Beatles On TV Vol One

Plus other related stuff.